Slip Dress

The 90's are comin' back for real you guys. First it was high waisted shorts and platform shoes, now we're all wearing chokers and slip dresses. I think of all the 90's trends, slip dresses are something I can really get behind. They're simple, comfortable, and super sexy. This slip dress wasn't an intentional purchase … Continue reading Slip Dress

Nordstrom Rack

Hello my fellow readers! Thanks for stopping by, I've got a pretty special post today *yay*! Lately I've been working on how to better explain how I shop, find deals, and put outfits together because what I do - anyone can do too! This post is dedicated to Nordstrom Rack and they're amazing selection of … Continue reading Nordstrom Rack


The first time I saw these velvet shoes was at Nordstrom Rack about 2 weeks ago. I was really torn on wether or not to get them. Even though I knew they were unique, I was still unsure about the velvet and I felt kinda bad about buying another pair of black shoes (I have … Continue reading Dragonfly

Maxi Dress and Denim Jacket

When spring/summer rolls around maxi dresses become more and more irresistible to me. They're long and classy, while keeping their casual cool feel. This dress I snagged at a sale at Hollister Co. of all places! Despite the reputation of both brands (Hollister and Abercrombie), in the past year they've really improved their trendiness, quality, and prices! This dress specifically is amazing with it's back detail and the sexy slits was ideal, and it was only $20!

Wedge Season

I hate to admit it because I like to pretend I never wear the same item twice, but I'm a huge outfit repeater. It was honestly one of my biggest worries when starting to blog, but I'm excited to keep looking at my favorite pieces in new ways!As far as this pineapple print button down, … Continue reading Wedge Season