Slip Dress

The 90's are comin' back for real you guys. First it was high waisted shorts and platform shoes, now we're all wearing chokers and slip dresses. I think of all the 90's trends, slip dresses are something I can really get behind. They're simple, comfortable, and super sexy. This slip dress wasn't an intentional purchase … Continue reading Slip Dress

Bell Sleeves

This Friday my friend and I took a little BFF shopping trip to Mockingbird Station in Dallas. Mockingbird is a super trendy location in Dallas that's right across from SMU college. Out first stop was a famous Texas consignment shop called Buffalo Exchange. Buffalo is great for hunting for diamond-in-the-roughs, but generally I don't find … Continue reading Bell Sleeves

Denim Dress

I'm kind of a funny creature in that I love denim, but I rarely wear blue jeans. Wether it's a denim shirt, jacket, or dress - denim outfits are so easy to throw on! This dress is one of my favorites to wear to work because of the longer-in-the-back detail