About Us

Fashionably.Us is a family fashion and lifestyle blog based in the outer Dallas, Texas area. I’m Devon and I live for feminine dresses and bohemian flair – and my precious family has been gracious enough to join me in my journey to pursue the perfect outfit! I shamelessly love matching (and will one day buy the entire “Mommy and Me” Dolce & Gabana line), and would love for 10-year-old Charlee to feel the same *le sigh*. The one man in our family is pretty careless when it comes to fashion, so it’s up to Charlee and I to make sure he looks presentable – and to buy him things like shirts covered in tiny Pikachus.

We’re a relatively normal family living in the suburbs who love shopping, trendy coffee shops, and snapping #ootd pics (or maybe that’s just me *wink*). Thankfully the people in my life have always supported me, and getting to run this blog with them makes it 1 billion times more enjoyable!

Hope you have fun with us, and thanks for stopping by! To see more of our every-day life follow @dressingdevon on Instagrams, or @dgambs on Snapchat!

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