Where Have I Been?

It’s been such a long time, I’m actually really happy to be back in WordPress typing away again. Almost every blogger I know has a taken a break at one point or another, and I can relate. Keeping up with this blog was getting increasingly difficult, I couldn’t figure out the direction I really wanted to go in, and my personal life was growing and changing simultaneously – so I decided the past few months was the perfect time to switch gears a little bit.

I didn’t quit social media of course, Instagram is still my main life force, but I also started transitioning more to an online video space. A few times on this blog you may have seen me do a fashion Youtube video here or there, but I was having a hard time really getting my videos to stand out, and I didn’t like doing them alone!

So here’s what I’ve been working on : Tuff Wizard. It’s a Youtube channel I started with Chris and Charlee to just get our creative juices flowing. We’ve always wanted to have a comedy channel, but never really knew how. It’s been a blast so far and it’s given us the opportunity to share our feeling on current topics, as well as for me to explore my non-fashion side!

I did want to come back to blogging because I still love putting together outfits and I still keep track of the blogging world, and I miss being apart of it! Tuff Wizard is definitely still my main focus, but you’ll see me back here posting #OOTDs and mega-sale updates (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale anyone?), but I’ll been trying to incorporate some more of personality as well! Some Tuff Wizard videos, reviews, and life updates!


Gossip Girl



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