Easiest Way To Save Money Shopping

In a lot of ways, shopping can be a bad habit. I myself have fallen victim to the overpriced Nordstrom graphic tee that I just hadddd to have – but here’s the thing: the real problem here isn’t the graphic tee, it’s accepting the inflated price! So here’s my solution:

After spotting an adorable dress, think to yourself: “how much would I be willing to pay for this”? Does it have a flattering shape? A unique print? Will it hold up after a few washes? Take all of these questions in to account – and make a decision. Then look at the price tag and see if it falls on or under that number.

To me, this tip comes in handy the most at big stores like Zara or Nordstorm. In these shops price and quality can vary wildly, and it’s helpful to set your own expectations. I feel like when I do this it becomes infinitely easier to walk out without buying anything, because I have a definitive reason why not.

Now I’m going to give you some practice! Below are some items at various price points, I’m only showing you the picture so you can’t let a brand name sway you, and when you feel you know what you’d pay for it – click the picture! Then you can see the actual price, and test your will power! *evil laugh* have fun!





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