How to Look Chic in a Hoodie

In my recent experience (literally about 30 minutes ago), I realized that when it gets cold I don’t really mind my ankle jeans with rips, my thin t-shirt, or my open knit sweater, but I sure as HELL feel my colddddd hands!!!

I don’t know what it is (probably poor circulation, obvi), but I swear I could be outside in 30 degree weather in nothing but a bikini, and I would notice it NOWHERE but my hands. So I’ve now decided to wear nothing but hoodies forever, because they’re the only things with long enough sleeves to pull down over my hands!!!

So, that catches you all up with my current thought process – now let’s get to the good stuff: how I’m planning on getting away with wearing sweatshirts all winter!


This look by Brighton the Day is something that would be so easy to re-create! I love the fact that she layered a puff vest over the hoodie for added warmth – plus I’m never against leggings!


Katey’s look over on Chronicles of Frivolity speaks to me on so many levels *yasss*. First of all, my girl is in the DFW area too so she gets this whole “80 degrees one day, 30 degrees the next”. Second, I live for scarves, so anything with a scarf I’m down for.


And here’s me in a hoodie! We went to Lowe’s today and I of course had to go smell all the fresh pine. I threw on my trusty 7 For All Mankind jeans, white Converse, and Gap crew neck sweatshirt! I love how simple and classic my whole look is – and it’s so easy to just throw-and-go!

I do have some zip-up jackets on my wishlist right now though, and after seeing Katey and Brighton – some puffer vest too!


  1. Patagonia “Better Sweater” Zip Pullover for $99 at Nordstrom
  2. The North Face “Osito 2” Jacket for $99 at Neiman Marcus
  3. Patagonia “Los Gatos” Fleece Jacket for $129 at Nordstrom 


  1. Arc’teryx ‘Covert Cardigan’ Fleece Jacket for $179 at Nordstrom
  2. Lululemon “Scuba Hoodie III” for $118
  3. Lululemon “It’s Fleecing Cold Jacket” for $148


  1. J Crew Factory Printed Quilted Puffer Vest for $48
  2. J Crew “Excursion Vest” in Tartan for $138
  3. J Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest for $48

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