Starbucks Tips and Tricks

It’s fall – which means it’s time to embrace the basic b*tch in us all with STARBUCKSSSSS!!!


Money Saving Tips

  • Order an Iced Coffee with extra milk instead of an Iced Latte! It’s cheaper AND you can get refills throughout the day!
  • If you order extra milk, ask for it in a bigger cup (ex: Grande Iced Coffee in a Vinte cup with extra milk) You’ll still pay for a Grande, but it will feel like a Vinte.
  • If you’re all about the syrup – ask for your drinks not sweetened and use the raw sugar from the bar instead! It may take a minute to stir in to iced drinks – but it’s delicious, and free!
  • Also, if you like the Carmel Apple Spice (like me) make it at home! It’s just steamed apple juice and cinnamon dolce sauce.


Drink Tips

  • You do not get free (or 50 cent) refills on Cold Brew – so unless you’re a coffee snob, just get Iced Coffee!
  • Nothing is more delicious than a hot latte with raw sugar – don’t let the syrups distract you (because it’s an extra 60 cents!)
  • If you like the cinnamon of the PSL but not the “P” part? The Chai Tea Latte is for you! Pro Tip: It’s delicious iced
  • If you liked the sound of the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, but found it lacking, just get and Iced Coffee with Soy (because soy is sweetened unlike milk) and add vanilla syrup!


More Tips

  • The Starbucks app is worth it – the free drinks, the double star days, and the free refills on coffee and tea
  • You can buy the standard syrups online! Not that you have to make your drinks at home, but you can at least buy them unsweetened and add your own!
  • Starbucks will run some sort of promotion on their packed coffee and tea once a month – so watch out! You’ll usually get double points!

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