How To Save Money at Urban Outfitters

I admit that I’m a frequent #uoonyou hashtag user, but I definitely have to be smart about how I shop there. Despite how easy it could be to walk out of that store broke with nothing but Calvin Klein, Adidas, and pretty dresses in hand – keeping myself fed is also important.

Over the years I’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to save money when shopping at Urban Outfitters, and because I’m such a inherently helpful person *evil wink* I’m sharing them with you today!

Tip 1: Online Sale Section





There is nothing more frustrating than fighting 100 other people in the tiniest back corner of the store for clearance items. So my favorite thing is to peruse the online sale section for the best “statement pieces”! The pieces with a real “wow” factor are usually a much better deal because they’re ~30% off, instead of a basic tee, which is only ~10% off.

Tip 2: Never Buy the Basic Tees





To further explain my stance on this, let me take you back to Black Friday of 2015. I had made the trip all the way out to Northpark Mall so I could go to Urban and stock up on Silence + Noise basic tees in hopes of a better fit than my traditional Target tees. I decided to stock up just this once because they were all on sale for $10 (compared to the average $30). By February 3 out of the 5 that I bought had holes in them! Granted, that’s fine for a $10 tee, but I would have been pissed if I payed full price.

Tip 3: Buy Tanks From the Lingerie Section





This tip might be obvious to in-store shoppers, but for us online addicts it took me a while to figure this one out. What happened: I was looking around for the perfect lightweight breezy tanks to layer over bralletes for the upcoming hot summer days when I found options like this one. I thought “man, this is so much cheaper than the one I saw online!!!”. That’s because I had accidentally wandered in to the lingerie section of the store! WhAt?!?! Lesson learned: when shopping online don’t look for tanks by going to “tops” – navigate down to “intimates”, then choose “lounge tops”, and you’ll find some options you wouldn’t have seen in the clothing section!

Tip 4: Buy Graphic Tees From the Men’s Section





This is another tip that is always so obvious to me when I’m in-store, and then forget about online… MENS CLOTHES ARE CHEAPER AND BETTER. This is definitely the case for tees, and a size small in men’s UO is basically a women’s medium. My favorite thing to do is tuck a men’s graphic tee in to a high-waisted midi-length skirt for an uber feminine contrast! (P.S. This tip applies to other stores as well, but it’s the most obvious at UO because of the trendier style, a lot of the men’s tees are pretty feminine to begin with!)

Tip 5: Try Shoes On In-Store – Then Order From Brand Site!





This tip may not be true for every brand out there, but it is definitely the case for Adidas. I always thought ~$100 was a pretty good price for durable sneakers, until I was perusing styles on Adidas’ actual website, and found that the classic Superstar is actually $55! That’s HALF of what places like Urban are charging for them – for the EXACT SAME shoe!

I definitely would suggest going in to a department store to get your size though (apparently Adidas run a whole size large) – but then order online from the brand site itself!

2 thoughts on “How To Save Money at Urban Outfitters

    • dgamble2014 says:

      Right!! Me too Nicole – they are dangerous 😂 But I’m glad I could help! I actually found a whole bunch on sale too – they’re perfect for layering under all these sweaters I’m needing!


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