Growing Out a Pixie : Month One

I wish I had a dollar for every time I thought about growing out my pixie. I’d probably have enough money to just buy a Kylie-level wig collection! The point is: I’ve thought about it a lot, but always chicken out and just chopped it again. basically this comic is my life:


BUT I am very seriously growing it out this time – and I have you guys to keep me accountable! I’m going to keep track of my month-by-month progress on here so follow to keep updated! Now let’s delve in to month one 🙂

Just so you know, I don’t hate my pixie cut. I love being different and I love how low maintenance it is, but after a year of it I am soooo ready to try something knew. I miss braids, I used to love hats, and I really like the space buns look!!! So I’ve officially decided to suck it up and grow it out.


So here I am: shaved sides, short bangs, and blue hair! Now here’s everything you need to know to get started on your grow out mission:

  1. Stop shampooing (mostly). Obviously do what you need to do, but I try and push myself to wash only every 4 days. Now, when I bangs start growing out and stitting on my face, I might only go every 2 days, but it’s better than nothing.
  2. Stop blow-drying. You can basically accomplish everything you need with styling cream and texture spray – so do your best to do that!
  3. Embrace each style. This is the perfect time to rock headbands, insane volume, a mohawk, and texture! Just do it all, and if you feel messy, just wear your favorite outfit and keep on.
  4. Trim + Extensions! Front not growing fast enough? Clip in some extensions. Back growing too fast? Get a trim! And if your hair’s just looking real poofy – get it thinned!
  5. Keep an Inspo Board. When you’re feeling your weakest and contemplating cutting it again, have some pictures of the longer style your looking for to keep you motivated! Here are some of mine:


(Follow my hair board on Pinterest for more)

That’s it guys! I’m gunna get started growing and you guys keep comin’ back for month-to-month progress!

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