The 3 Best Shopping Tips

I get it ya’ll: shopping is the best. Getting new things is the best. But spending sh*t tons of money? Not the best. But that doesn’t mean shopping in general needs to be written off! So today I’ve gathered the 3 best hacks (in my opinion) for making the best of your shopping trip!

Mailing Lists Are Your Friends

They can be annoying, trust me I know, but basically every clothing/accessory retailer out there offers somewhere between 5-20% off for new sign-ups! Usually there’s a time restriction on them, so be sure to sign-up when you’re ready to buy! Then after you sign-up you’ll also get sale notifications and more coupons!

Pro Tip: Sign up for the rewards program too! The Urban Outfitters members get an 40% their sale items this weekend 😉

Set A Budget For Your Time Too

This tip is a recent revelation for me: the longer I spend at the mall the more things I buy. It’s sounds like common sense, but I never realized that the constant wandering made me feel like I was obligated to keep spending! So from now on I set my self a limit for how long I want to be at the mall, and then a list of all the stores I want to go in. This keeps me on track and focused on what I’m there to look at!

Don’t Be Afraid To Return

The absolute best thing you can do when buying anything is ask about the return policy. A store with a really strict probably isn’t going to be the best purchase (unless of course you know FOR SURE that the item fits, is comfortable, will stay in style, and is a good price).

For instance: I owned a pair of True Religion jeans for about 6 months – and never wore them. I had taken off the tags and lost the receipt, but I just wanted to exchange them for a bigger size! Turns out True Religion will only allow exchanges with tags still attached, a receipt, and within 30 days of purchase. Totally ridiculous for $200 jeans!!! Now I know to shop Nordstrom instead 🙂

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