Book Club : The Butterfly Garden

Like last month, I’ve become increasingly interest in the thriller/mystery genre. I think of all the style of books, they’re the easiest to read and have the biggest “pay off” if you will. I love a good twist, and I love solving puzzles, so mysteries let me do both!

This month I discovered that with my Amazon Prime membership I also get to read a collection of books for free! The highest rated Prime book at the time was the novel I’m discussing today, The Butterfly Garden,

Title: The Butterfly Garden

Author: Dot Hutcherson

# of Pages: 288

Release Date: April 26, 2016

Category: Phycological Thriller, Mystery

My Rating: 8/10

Due to the popularity of this category, sometimes I find authors taking a run at a seemingly simple story layout, with just the slightest hints and danger and suspense. Those books are a joy to read, and stay with me as much as an episode of C.S.I. They’re short, unimpressive, but as a whole and fun pass time.

I starting The Butterfly Garden with slightly inflated expectations due to the chilling imagery of young women trapped in a garden tattooed to resemble butterflies. That’s a twisted man who obviously not only kidnaps women and spends weeks giving them elaborate tattoos, but more twisted is how he loves them so much. In the book what I found creepiest was not that he was a torturing murderer, but that he was such a calm, collected, scientific, and kind (?) old man.

Every character in this book is told with such exquisite detail that you can’t help but be fascinated with them all. No matter the genre, good story-telling is just plain good story-telling, so if you have the stomach for it – this book could be your new favorite.

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