Holy-Grail Lotion For Smooth Skin

Winter is coming. And that means dry skin is coming *screams internally*. I literally always struggle to get silky smooth skin on my body. I think it’s because I focus so much on moisturizing my face, that I forget about my poor legs!

Well the day came when I realized I had to do something because my skin was so terribly ashy! Charlee and I went and got pedicures, and when they put the oil and lotion on the bottom half of my leg – I realized what skin is supposed to look like! Then for the following week I was using lotion every night and morning and seeing okay results – but I wanted to amp it up.

That’s when I realize the oil the salon used was the key ingredient! Luckily I already has some Vitamin E oil from Sprouts (that I typically use as a facial oil), so I just started mixing that with my lotion! Basically I just pour a little in my hands, pump lotion on top, mix it around in my hands, and apply!

I also would also definitely recommend using Lubriderm because it’s literally so gentle I can use it after shaving and it never stings. It’s also light-weight enough to mix with oil and not leave me feeling greasy – just intensely moisturized!


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