Book Club: Girl On The Train

Title: The Girl On The Train

Author: Paula Hawkins

# of Pages: 323

Release Date: January 13, 2015

Category: Phycological Thriller, Mystery

My Rating: 6/10


Girl on the Train is a classic murder mystery – with a modern twist. Ever since “Gone Girl” (by Gillian Flynn) was adored by millions – the murder mystery about the unhappy wife has been a popular theme. Seeing a vulnerable, unstable, and even dangerous woman center stage is making a physco-thriller that much more enjoyable for the female reader!

Despite my excitement for the genre, I have to be honest… this book is not my favorite. There are 2 main components that bothered me: the first being the main character. After Flynn’s works I was beyond pumped to see another unhinged bat sh*t crazy woman, which is not the character Hawkings brought. Rachel is an alcoholic recent divorce with a knack for disappointing both the other characters and the viewer. Yes, at the end she has her defining moment where she finally takes control of her life to concur the evil in it – but it took much to long for her to get to that point. The second being the pace – I love murder mysteries more than anything, but a common thing with mystery writers is that they take the first 98% of the book to very slowly built suspense, and then all the suspense is released n the last 2%. I do not blame Hawkins for doing this, I understand that it’s common and sometimes necessary, but for a reader – it’s boring.

On the upside: I absolutley adore books that are told from more than one perspective. Some see this as a gimmick used by inexperienced writes (which Hawkins is), but used in the right way this tool can help tremendously to the story telling and suspense of a mystery – and in this case it absolutley does.


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