2 Holy-Grail Detox Waters

It’s a common understanding that detox waters, though looking cute in your clear stylish water bottle, rarely do all that much. In my opinion, the very best detox waters are those that taste so yummy that they stop you from craving sodas, teas, and coffee throughout your day! Plus, the real holy-grail here is drinking lots of water period! So in light of this I wanted to share my two favorite “detox waters” that will now be referred to as “yummy waters”.

Lemon + Cucumber + Mint


<source: www.eat-yourself-skinny.com>

As someone who strongly dislikes lemon water – this baby gets me. The cucumber make the water feel very refreshing (which is extra appreciated on those hot summer days) and the mint balances out all the citrus. For me, I can’t have more than one bottle of these a day because the acids will upset my stomach #sensitivestomachcrew. However, for a normal person these really will clear you out and I guess count as a real detox.

Strawberry + Basil

<source: http://www.evermine.com&gt;

So if you’re like me and grow your own basil like a crazy person – this water is THE BEST for using up your insane amount of the herb. Plus because of the strawberry this drink is probably the closest you’ll get to sweet water. BUT your strawberries will get soggy and gross if you don’t drink it fast enough so I suggest 2 courses of action; One: you make a large batch of the water, and after a few hours remove the starberries and basil leaves. Two: Freeze your strawberries before you make your water – they’ll stay fresh longer and double as ice!


In summary: Water is good for you, but bland, so here’s so ways to yum-ify your water!



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