Dressing Room Diaries: Nordstorm

In search of girly/pastel hues – Charlee and I decided to have some fun in Nordstrom! Nordstrom is a great place to get clothes from all different brands (did you know they carry J Crew now?!?), but they can also be pricy… We had some time to kill so I figured I’d share the pieces I tried on and what I thought! A.K.A. a dressing room diary ūüėČ

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Honestly howwwwww cute is this dress *freaking out*. The waist was a little loose on me, and¬†I know a normal person would have just sized down – but I’m 5’10” so I couldn’t risk it getting any shorter! I still love it, and almost left with it – until I read the price tag. Damn you Topshop for always trickig me into thinking its 42 U.S. Dollars when really its 42 Euros *ughhhhhh*.

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Ahhhh I’m sorry I just couldn’t save the best for last – and this is definitely the best. I. Am. Obsessed. With. The. Lace. Bow ‚̧ Plus it comes with a slip AND it was on sale. I mean does it get much better?

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These colors are so SWAG. I’m sorry I never say swag – but this instance just called for it. I loved the idea of this outfit – but again Topshop was killing me with their prices! Plus it’s still way too hot in Texas for sweaters like this. BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM.

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LOL so I loved this dress but Charlee insisted that it looked like a nurses dress! I mean, she had a point but that doesn’t mean it’s not cute right? RIGHT?! It was hella see through though so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Alright so I abandoned the pastel color palette for a brief moment with these green joggers and knit sweater – and it’s probably something you will see me in this winter because I love the vibe! And I will say, if you live in the North somewhere this sweater is for you, because after wearing it in the dressing room for ~3 min I was sweating! SWEATING!

So that’s all I tried on at Nordstrom – I was definitely¬†burning up after trying on all the sweaters. Looking back at the pictures I really wish some of these pieces were either better quality or cheaper (like the nurse dress – see through? really?) – but we had fun either way!



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