4 Easy-Going Celeb Hair Cuts

There’s always going to be the celebs that have the long flowing perfectly highlighted hair, but this post is highlighting the celebs with really realistic, and easy to maintain cuts!

Jennifer Lawrence


We all know she’s the biggest babe in the business – and all envied her perfectly long pixie – but her shaggy above-the-shoulder bob is what really catches my eye. She the perfect example of messy waves, and the face framing layers make this style perfect for any face shape!

Emelia Clarke


This short crop, though similar, strikes me completely different because of the color. I would definitely consider this the “grown up” bob. Very smooth texture, round brushed to perfection, and long enough for up-dos.

Emma Watson (Pixie)


Because of my current pixie, I feel obligated to share a celeb pixie. They really are the absolute maintenance cut out there, and they really are the cutest. Of all the celeb pixie’s out there however, I chose Emma’s because she absolutley went the shortest – and it’s making me want to do the same.

Margot Robbie


Besides being my total girl crush – Margot is rocking the “past-the-shoulders-but-still-short” game better than anyone. I love the lack of bangs, and the easy-going vibe. This style is super versatile to style, but gain without the hot tools might make it look limp depending on your texture!


And that’s it for now! The celebs I feel are rocking (or have rocked) the most effortless looking hair cuts! And if you can’t tell, shoulder length or high is definitely the length to have right now!



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