Personal Style – A Realization

I’ve talked about personal style before whether on this blog or to peers in real life because it’s something that’s been eluding me for quite some time. No amount of online inspiration, admiring celebs and big-time bloggers, or shopping was able to narrow it down for me. Honestly, it made it more difficult! I would constantly fluctuating between wanting to be Kylie Jenner (long nails and all) and Sincerely Jules (total boho with an enviable tan)!

Because of this indecisive-ness, it was always a struggle to shop, get dressed in the morning, and even pick a haircut! So for the past 3 weeks I’ve been trying to pay more attention to what I actually enjoy wearing on a day-to-day basis, and what fits my lifestyle! In these weeks of observation I’ve realized: my style doesn’t have to match some one person I can find on the internet – my style is me! It’s what I grew up wearing, it’s what I’m comfortable in.

#tbt of Dressing Devon

tbt of Dressing Devon

tbt of Dressing Devon

tbt of Dressing Devon

This style I’m describing is what I’m going to call “classic americana”. It features lot’s of sneakers (converse, toms, slip-on vans), a practical bag (my new Longchamp is working like a charm), graphic tees, and casual dresses. This was totally my style growing up, in fact a dress with sneakers has been my all-time favorite outfit since birth practically!

tbt of Dressing Devon

tbt of Dressing Devon

Now, I’m not saying I going to throw away my blue lipstick or Christian Louboutins, but I think focussing on the clothes that make me happy and appreciating my own style will lead to less wishing it was something different! I mean, that’s what clothes are for – making you feel comfortable!


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