True Religion Customer Experience

I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly hard-to please customer. I mean, never once in my life have I thrown a fit in a store for being charged too much, gotten my order wrong, etc. Today, however, was an experience that definitely required some complaining about.

Background: About a year ago I was convinced that I should achieve my teenage dreams by buying a pair of white True Religion jeans. These $200 jeans just sat in my closet because I was always too afraid of getting them dirty.

True Religion Customer Service and Review

Present Day: Even though my jeans where a mid-rise straight, they were too low-rise and too tight – so I wanted to exchange them. When I went in to my nearest True Religion store, I nicely explained to the sales associate that I loved the brand, but the jeans I chose weren’t right for me and that I’d like to exchange them for something different (because I didn’t have the original receipt). She then explained to me that they couldn’t even do STORE CREDIT without original tags attached AND a receipt.

Are you f*cking kidding me.

I dropped $200 on a pair of jeans without a) being informed that this was their return policy, and b) with absolutely no hope of getting something that would actually work for me. So *news flash* True Religion: if I don’t like the style I bought and I can’t exchange them for something else I don’t have much of a reason to shop there anymore, do I? I mean for god sakes, I RETURNED $150 worth of Topshop merchandise without tags or receipt – no questions asked!

Check your return policy’s ya’ll,

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