Sephora Play! – January 2016

Hi all! I’m super excited about today’s post because I have never had a monthly-mail service before! Sephora Play! is all about getting deluxe samples sent straight to your door every month. The best perk for me is the monthly perfume sample because I love to switch up my signature scent!

So I’m going to review all the samples in this months box, and rate each on a 1-5 scale on how likely I am to buy the full size product when I run out!








1. Needles No More – This is a very talked about product that claims to firm skin and reduce wrinkles. The likeliness of me buying it? 0. It’s an expensive product to me that doesn’t really suit my skins needs, but I loved getting to try it!

2. Prime Style Extender Spray – Living proof is so hot right now, but with my short hair I don’t really think about hair products too often. This product I could actually see myself using though! Sometimes when I style my hair the shorter pieces in the back get crazy, and this spray has really come in handy. I give it a 4!

3. Highlighter Chubby Stick – Yes. Yes. Yes. This sample is practically full size ya’ll and it’s something I’ve been thinking about buying! This one goes on super creamy and sparkly with pink undertones to look really natural. Definitely a 5!

4. Alpha Beta Peel – This product is really interesting. It’s another anti-aging product, but it also tightens pores – which is definitely something I could use! I will say it’s a little extreme for daily use like the package suggests, but I’m still a fan! Let’s say a 3 depending on how my skin reacts over time (I’ve got 3 more packages).

5. Tocca – Finally – my perfume sample! I was slightly disappointed by not receiving an amazing deluxe designer perfume sample, but this one is actually very nice. When I first put it on it was a little ‘old lady’, but when it started soaking in to my skin it became much more subtle! I’ll say maybe a 3.

6. Honey Eye Mask – I’m not a full-face sheet mask fan, so I’ve never tried the eye masks! I am so glad I did because they are way easier to apply and actually stay on. This one did wonders for my dark under-eyes and I’m for sure rating it a 5!

So those were all the samples in this month’s Sephora Play! box! If you guys are interested in trying this product out, it’s $10 a month and will be available for everyone later this year! If you’re a Sephora VIB Rouge member and want to try it out – let me know! I can send you an invite!

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