Slip Dress

Spinning in my Zara slip dress and Michael Kors bag - Dressing Devon

Cozy cardigan and slinky dress for a casual weekend fall look - Dressing Devon

Reaching in to my Michael Kors bag - Dressing Devon

90's trendy Slip Dress - Dressing Devon

Gold accessories with Tory Burch Shoes, Michael Kors Bag, and Nasty Gal body chain - Dressing Devon

The 90’s are comin’ back for real you guys. First it was high waisted shorts and platform shoes, now we’re all wearing chokers and slip dresses. I think of all the 90’s trends, slip dresses are something I can really get behind. They’re simple, comfortable, and super sexy.

This slip dress wasn’t an intentional purchase though, I bought a sheer maxi dress from Zara, and this slip came attached inside of it. I originally cut out the slip because I wanted to wear the sheer maxi with a bodysuit instead, but when I saw the slip laying on my bed and just knew I had to wear it.

I kept with the comfy vide and threw my maxi cardigan over it for a little extra texture. The topped the look off with a structured bag and menswear inspired loafer and I was street-style ready!

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