Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Pantone has been releasing color predictions and trends for years to come, and to me I find them usually correct. last winter the color of the season was a warm berry tone, then we saw it all over women’s lips and clothes for months to come. With my eyes set on spring, I set out to discover Pantone’s “spring” color for 2016.

Pantone Spring 2016 Colors

I was surprised to find Pantone actually selected 2 shades for Spring 2016: Pink Quartz and Serenity. The pale pink and blue shades I’ve always been a fan of (they’re the highlight of my first It’s Wednesday Inspire Me post – see it here), and now I get to experiment with them again! Though I’ll try to incorporate these shades in to my fall wardrobe with my pale blue sweater (seen here), and pink chanel flats (seen here), I’m still beyond excited for spring!

Pantone Spring 2016 Color Fashion Inspiration



One thought on “Pantone’s Color Of The Year

  1. Joyce says:

    , I love Trutv. World's Dumbest and Police Women of Cincinatti are two of my faves. I also love Destination Truth. And Investigation Diy.cverso..le sigh. So many disturbing programs, so little time. As for your family bonding show, no judgment here. It fosters appreciation. How is that ever a bad thing?


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