Dressing for Your Pixie Cut

There are always certain “looks” for certain hair types. The super long ombre locks look stunning with edgy/casual clothes, and the wavy lob looks best with a preppier style – but a pixie cut? What does having short hair say about you, your style, and when does it look best?

I’ve been trying to find the answer to this question in hopes of becoming more comfortable with my hair. It’s been almost 3 months now, and I’m hitting that “I’m bored and so mad I cut it” stage (that everyone goes through by the way). With lots of Pinterest research, and trying on every clothing item I own, this is what I’ve come up with:

1. Feminine Lace

With short hair the first thing you notice is how from certain angles you look like a boy. It happens, but in order to take advantage of this it can be fun to play with opposites! Lace is one of the most feminine things you can wear, to pairing them with your new short do always looks amazing! But just because it’s lace, doesn’t mean it has to be soft – geometric lace, black lace, and lace details with edgier items like leather and mesh work just as well!

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

2. Open/Detailed Backs

The next upside of short hair is always having your back exposed! So take advantage of it and buy that open back tank, or the top with the cool lace panel (see number 1 *wink*). With you hair always “up” these details will always be on display with no extra effort from you! Plus, on days when you’re feeling self-conscious about you’re hair (it’s bound to happen one day), the back will be a pleasant distraction.

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

3. Casual T-Shirts

Opposed to the feminine take in the previous two tips – casual oversized tees look incredible with short hair (bobs and lobs included). Something about just embracing your boy-ish look just spews confidence in a very “model-off duty” manner. I’d save this look for a more confident day – I love to sport it when I rock blue lipstick for a super edgy take!

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

Dressing for Your Pixie Cut by @DressingDevon #writingdevon

*Pro Tip: When surfing Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, look for outfits you love where her hair is up. Having your hair in a tight pony or loose bun can be a really similar effect as a pixie cut!


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