How Having Short Hair Improved My Skin

I debated exactly how to share this information with you guys for a while, because the idea of mentioning my skin/acne makes me so nervous! Ever since high school it has been my biggest insecurity, but since I started Dressing Devon I’ve tried really hard to be real with you guys, so it’d be silly to stop now!

How Having Short Hair Improved My Skin by Dressing Devon

So here’s the low-down: I wouldn’t say I have a really bad case of acne, but it’s just enough to make me feel self conscious. I have a consistent army of blackheads on my nose and cheeks, and whiteheads on my chin area – not to mention the larger pimples I would get on my cheeks! No matter what I tried I never could get the pimples to go away in less than a week, and no matter what I would do to clear my blackheads, there’d be a whole new set the next morning. My skin was so tempestuous that I could never skip my nightly shower, because the grease touching my skin all night would immediately cause a break out – ugh!

How Having Short Hair Improved My Skin by Dressing Devon

Then I cut my hair. About 2 weeks later I started my period, and noticed that I didn’t get my ceremonial pimples before-hand. Assuming it was a fluke, I thought nothing of it until about 6 weeks passed and I noticed that my skin was clearer than ever! Not only was I not getting big pimples, my blackheads had started clearing up! When trying to think of what changed, I realized the lack of dirty hair had drastically reduced the amount of oil on my face! Not to mention I was showering in the mornings (to style the new pixie cut), and started using my Clarisonic in the morning too! (because let’s face it washing your face over the sink totally sucks).

How Having Short Hair Improved My Skin by Dressing Devon

Cutting your hair may not be the best solution for everyone, but I wanted to cut my hair anyway and this has just been the best bonus! If you’re super attached to you hair, I would suggest keeping it off your face at night (hello scrunchies!), and definitely to go gentler on your poor skin. Thank you so much for reading and I really hopes this helps at least one girl!

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