The 3rd Piece Rule – Busted!

Okay you guys – I’ve been doing that thing where I read the internet a ton, and I’ve been reading a lot about something called “the 3rd piece rule”. It basically says that you should add another accessory to every outfit (not including shoes and bags for some reason?). So this would be like tying a flannel around you waist, draping a leather jacket over your shoulders, or throwing on a statement necklace. This rule supposedly “adds nuance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit, making you look put together, polished, more interesting, and like you put a little effort into your look” (Who What Wear).

1. Sincerely Jules // 2. Refinery 29 // 3. Suburban Faux Pas

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and looking back at old blog posts trying to think if any of my looks could have been improved! But here’s the thing: I live in Texas. I can’t be throwin’ on jackets and vests willy nilly, and statement necklaces aren’t really my thing…

Just Call Me Dorothy

Classically Cool in White Jeans

Black and White

1. Just Call Me Dorothy // 2. Classically Cool in White Jeans // 3. Co-Ordinating in Black & White

1. My favorite piece in this looks was these bright red pumps! They really feel like my “wow” piece because they’ve got a great shape, and pull the red-white-blue color scheme together! In Sincerely Jules’ photo (top left) Her camo jacket definitley work, but those plaid pants are so cool on their own that the look would look great without it too!

2. The best part of this look is right in the title! These white jeans fit me so great and the color is so bright and classic! I would add another piece if I was cold (winter whites are totally a thing), but this outfit is still a favorite of mine! The photo from Refinery 29 (top center) is so New York, but those boots are the real show stopper!

3. This look honestly just looks like one big piece because of the matching prints – and that’s my favorite part! I love that the stripes aren’t being broken up by some sort of jacket! In Suburban Faux Pas’ look (top right) that leopard clutch is what stole my attention!




1. Harpars Bazaar // 2. The Sartorialist // 3. Song of Style

So with all this in mind, I wanted to revise the “3rd Piece Rule” to better fit my (and maybe your) style! In my book, you don’t need 3 pieces, you just need 1 piece that you love! If you love it, it will feel like a statement that makes your look polished and chic.

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