The Designer Bag Debacle

As a fashion blogger, style enthusiast, and women, I always feel the desire (and pressure) to own designer handbags. I love designer duds as much as the next gal, but I usually indulge my obsession on shoes, because a very expensive heel (Louboutin for instance) runs for about $800, while a designer handbag (Givenchy for instance) runs for about $2,000. This means if you’re trying to get the most bang for you buck – shoes can be a smart option.

The thing I’ve realized over time though , is that without a flashy bag, my shoes can feel silly, but women wear their designer bags with casual sneakers all the time, and it’s amazing! So with this in mind, I started thinking about how I could up my handbag game.



The first designer bag I set my eyes on (lately that is) is what’s been called the “it” bag of the year – the Givenchy Antigona (shown in black). Not that I’m one for purely following trends, but this beauty is popular for a reason. The structured shape makes a traditionally casual bag because much sexier with the angles in the structure. My personal favorite features are the incredibly heavy hardware and the soft, but sturdy, goatskin leather. My least favorite? The price. The Antigona is a whopping $2,345.


Trying to see what else I liked at a smaller price point, I looked at Tory Burch because I definitely love her shoes! I fell in love with the Robinson Pebble Multi Tote (shown in black) because of the 3 divided sections and sophisticated square shape. Then I saw the adorable mini version (shown in burgundy), the chain strap red bag, and the pink satchel with tassels and got so excited! I could buy all 4 of these bags and still spend $500 less than I would have on the Givenchy!

So then the million dollar question emerged: Was I better off spending $2,000 (or less) varying my wardrobe, or spending $2,500 on a big designer piece? On one side, I can really have a more versatile wardrobe and get a bag to match every pair of shoes (which is every girl’s dream amirite?), but on the other, nothing would make my heart skip a beat quite like the Givenchy.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Shop This Post: Givenchy (Black Antigona) // Tory Burch (Black Tote) // Saint Laurent (Red Chain Strap) // Tory Burch (Red Quilted) // Saint Laurent (Burgundy Portfolio) // Tory Burch (Burgundy Mini Tote) // Chloe (Pink Handbag) // Tory Burch (Pink Satchel)

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