It’s Wednesday – Inspire Me (2)

Kind of the opposite of last week‘s inspiration, this week I am all about color! Especially in recent Fashion Week shows, trying new things is on my mind – that’s why I love the combo of red, and the graphic yellow print!


So my favorite part of this whole collage is the lovely lovely Lana Del Ray (far right). She’s been releasing singles for the past few weeks, but her entire album title Honeymoon is finally out!

Other than Lana, this set also features the flawless Zendaya (center) rocking a jersey and YSL pumps! The way she combines pink, red, and orange is absolutely perfect.

My last favorite look here is Anne Hathaway, who was the exact inspiration I used for my new pixie cut! Check it out on Instagram (here) and stay tuned for my whole post – coming soon!

(P.S. My new logo definitely has the Pink/Orange/Red colors that I’m loving this week!)

One thought on “It’s Wednesday – Inspire Me (2)

  1. Johnie says:

    Amen to all of that in the article. Tired of radio forcing the same “artists” down my throat day in and day out, over and over. These are what are known in the industry as the “core artists” who fit their formulaic cre1&riai#82t1;meanwhile the Adam Lamberts of the world who are different and have real talent go unplayed.


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