It’s Wednesday – Inspire Me

Ever since this thing called the internet was invented people have been sharing their lives on it. Places like Tumblr and Pinterest are always flooded with images that I find so gorgeous and inspiring.

To celebrate the things I love, and love to see, I wanted to started an Inspiration Wednesday. This way I get to collect and share the things I find inspiring to help me (and you!) get through the week!

It’s Wednesday – Inspire Me (ep. 1)


This week I’ve been feeling ultra-inspired by #NYFW (obvi) so I loved sharing the black and white photo of GiGI Hidad (top center). She is a total minimalist glamour queen and I just love or simple makeup and messy hair. Other than GiGi, I also love Jamie Chung lookin flawless is nudes and pastels for fall (bottom right). Something about dark hair, lips, and skin just play off cream and blush pink so well. Lastly for New York Fashion week a special makeup artist was illustrating some deisgns this week and I love the shot of her walking the city streets with her art ( center left)!

The rest of my inspo really plays off the plush pink hues in Jamie, the floral patterns in the illustration, and Gigi’s messy blonde locks ❤

Until Next Time,


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