Should I Buy That?

If you checked my Nordstrom Rack post, I mentioned wanting to share a little more with you guys about my shopping/bargain hunting process! For today I wanted to chat about how I decide wether or not to buy something because we have all been there!

Nobody wants to waste there money on something they’ll never wear, so I use to help! When I spot something I love (usually online), I go over to Polyvore and save the item (by searching the website, brand, or generic term). Then over the next few days I’ll start creating outfits with my new wish-list item hopefully with items I already have in my closet! If that’s not the case I have to do some very serious thinking…

So to give you guys some examples of new items I’m looking for, and how I use Polyvore, keep on readin’!


How To: Wear a Chambray

After shopping around, I decided that I loved the longer-in-the-back shape of this Chambray from Abercrombie&Fitch! It’s a nice price and made well so I think I’ll love it. The only thing I was having trouble with was wether or not I’d really wear it as much as I think I will! After putting together three outfits I feel superrrr confident!

(1) I already have everything in the first look (except for the backpack) and I love it! I might not normally go for denim-on-denim but I think having a distressed jean will look perfect.
(2) This second look took a tiny bit of thinking, but then I remembered all my favorite long pencil skirts from Missguided! I also fell in love with the idea of wearing a platform espadrille with a conservative skirt. Even though those aren’t my exact shoes, the idea comes across!
(3) For the last look I wanted to go with jeans again, but didn’t want it to look exactly like the first one, so I went with the olive skinny! I love the pop of color and now I’m totally dying for these Stuart Weitszman lace-up flat!!!

In this case brainstorming at least 3 outfit ideas really helped me see how well I could wear this shirt, and how worth the money it will be! It also unintentionally opened my eyes to my need of some new handbags and a pair of flats! *damn*

If you’re interested in seeing more of these outfits, follow my Pinterest Board!
Follow Devon Spizuco’s board Custom Outfit Ideas on Pinterest.


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