Nordstrom Rack

Hello my fellow readers! Thanks for stopping by, I’ve got a pretty special post today *yay*! Lately I’ve been working on how to better explain how I shop, find deals, and put outfits together because what I do – anyone can do too!

This post is dedicated to Nordstrom Rack and they’re amazing selection of discounted designer clothes! I gathered up some of my favorite items for the upcoming summer to fall transition: check it out *wink*

Outfit1 Outfit2 Outfit3

Nordstrom Rack Look 1: Work Appropriate

One of the first pieces I picked up was this Harlow and Graham bow tie blouse. The fall colors just look so cozy, and I’ve been dying for a bow tie top for yearsssss – they’re just so darn classy. I initially created a ‘work’ look by pairing it with these Free People linen-esque pants that were super comfy but looked so sophisticated! I was definitely looking at neutral shoes but was totally drawn to these Steve Madden snakeskin pumps that totally contrast with the top, but that was totally the fun part!

Blouse: $34.97 (compare to $68.00) // Pants: $39.97 (compare at $98.00) // Pumps: $49.95 (compare to $99.95) // Total Outfit: $124.89 (compare at $265.95)

Nordstrom Rack Look 2: Street Style Chic

I loved this blouse so much I thought it would be fun to experiment in wearing it casually! These Madwell boyfriend jeans I seriously would have come home with if they fit a little better and my waist *the struggle*. You’ll also spot my fav gold shoes (spotted here) which really amped up this outfit!

Jeans: $64.97 (compared to $128.00) // Shoes: $199.97 (compared to $325.00) // Total Outfit: $299.91 (compare to $521.00)

Nordstrom Rack Look 3: Kate Spade Cute

Ughhhhhh I was so excited when I saw this whole rack of amazing Kate Spade stuff. She seriously makes the cutest clothes, and if this shiny white top was just a size smaller it would have been mine for lyfeeee. I also thought the craziest selection of Paige denim, and I was definitely obsessed with these dark wash flares *heart eyes*

Top: $96.00 (compare to $298) // Jeans: $79.00 (compare to $179.00) // Total Outfit: $374.97 (compare to $802.00)

Outfit4 Outfit5 Outfit6

Nordstrom Rack Look 4: Weekend Fun

Lately the internet has been allll about embellishments. I’ve always been a fan of beading, sequins, embroidery and every little damn thing so this top was obvi a home run. I’m wearing the Madwell jeans again for a super casual vibe and these velvet Tory Burch shoes that I definitely made away with *muahaha* (you can see those here too!)

Top: $29.40 (compare to $99.60) // Shoes: $179.00 (compare to $375.00) // Total Outfit: $273.37 (compare to $602.60)

Nordstrom Rack Look 5: Ready for Fall

This sweater was the craziest deal – literally $8. I loved the colors and the fuzyy strings, but when I tried it on it was sooooo itchy *ew*. But it was great inspiration for a v-neck sweater and boyfriend jeans look! I paired the same Madwell jeans and velvet Tory Burch shoes because honestly changing a lot in a dressing room is hella exhausting.

Sweater: $7.98 (compare to $58.00) // Total Outfit: $251.95 (compare to $561.00)

Nordstrom Rack Look 6: Dinner Dress

So this Tory Burch dress was super cool because of these zippers on the side that transformed it from a shift dress to an a-line dress! It was a size 4, but I’m tall (5’10”) and it was still past my knees! If it was a little shorter I would have been allll over it.

Dress: $189.00 (compare to $425.00) // Total Outfit: $368.00 (compare to $800.00)

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