Instagram Roundup

Hey you guys! So this post is gunna being kinda different and kinda cool! I wanted to round up some recent outfits I’ve flaunted on Instagram, but not the blog, so you guys can get some details!

Leather Skirt and Mickey Mouse Tee

Mickey Mouse Tee // Similar Skirt in Green // Louboutins // Ray-Ban

My favorite photographer Charlee snapped this of me outside a Walgreens when we were on our way to get cheap candy before seeing a movie *giggles*. I felt kind of silly wearing heals and such to a kids movie with my fam, but honestly a movie is the best place to wear heel. Think about it: you’re sitting the whole time!

Patterned Top with Shorts and Heels

Same Shape H&M Top // Similar Shorts // Louboutins

This outfit was definitely me trying to try something new. I always see celebs and people in movies wearing heels with shorts, but every time I give it a shot I feel so weird! *ew* I went ahead and tried again for a trip to the mall with these silky olive green shorts and was pleasantly surprised!

Rainbow Bench

Vintage Overalls // Missguided Top Matching Skirt Here // Vans

This was such an amazing find! If you’ve noticed, I have a love affair with Tea 2 Go. Recently when I visited some friends in Denton I convinced them to go to their Tea 2 Go and I’m so glad we did! In typical Denton style, the place was covered wall-to-wall in local art and the funky rainbow striped bench *yipee*.

Spinning in Abercrombie

Abercrombie Dress (Similar Here) // Ray-Ban

I’ve shared my shock before on my favorite Abercrombie&Fitch Items, but they really never cease to amaze me. I snagged this dress online for $20! After it came in the mail it seemed like I always had my period so I was too timid to wear it, but the other day for a trip to Whole Foods I finally wore it!

The Pirch in Abercrombie

Abercrombie Jumper (Similar Here) // Topshop Sandal // Anthropologie Bag (Sold Out)

Speaking of Abercrombie, thats where I got this wrap from jumper too! This picture isn’t very close up (because I really wanted wanted the quote on the wall in frame) but it’s actually a really pretty paisley pattern! I also wore it here on the blog *I’m not an outfit repeater I swear*

So that’s my roundup you guys! If you don’t want to miss any future Instagram ***gold*** follow me here!

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