Going to Sephora can be like walking in to a beaming glowing heaven look-a-like! Unfortunately I’m not the biggest makeup wiz and I can get intimidated easily, but this past week I took a trip so I could cash in my 500 VIB Reward Points and pick up my birthday gift! Of course, to do this I would have to buy a new shade of *gasp* lipstick.

Sephora Trip with Dressing Devon

So like any crazy person I had to wear an outfit that would match the shade of lipstick I was looking for so that when I tried it on I would already know how to wear it, and of course so I could wear it out of the store *wink*. In my case, that meant wearing my white Nikes, a Forever 21 black skort (which I got so many compliments on btw), and this grey sweater crop top! I wore dark shades and a slightly edgy outfit because I was on the hunt for the perfect dark plum lipstick *yasssss*

Sephora Trip with Dressing Devon

Sephora Trip with Dressing Devon

Luckily for me #berrylips is a current trend being spotlighted at Sephora! This means are their best lip shades from Makeup Forever, Nars, and Kat Von D are all in one place – at the front! This really helped me out because I could compare shades all right there and not get overwhelmed by options! (I will say, I did venture out a bit and loved Kat Von D’s ‘homegirl’ so that will definitely be the next shade I buy)

Sephora Trip with Dressing Devon

Of course mah girl had to get in on the action so I used the light pink Nars pencil crayon that was included in this month’s birthday gift on her while she sat in the chair and everything!!! *melts from cuteness* Holla at my July b-day girls because I’m obsseseddd with these lip pencils. The free gift also came with a conservative dark red shade that goes on so effortlessly *heart eyes emoji* !!!

Sephora Trip with Dressing Devon

So full look from the day! I am so excited to wear my new gorgeous Nars ‘Plum’ shade like every damn day!!!

Sephora Trip with Dressing Devon

Per usual my angel had to jump in and through out the sasssssss *crying laughing*

Lipsticks picked by Dressing Devon

Nars ‘deep aubergine’ Audacious Lipstick // Nars ‘scarlet red’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil // Nars ‘natural rose beige sheen’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil // Kat Von D ‘matte deep merlot’ Studded Kiss Lipstick

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