Park Time

Today was awfully cloudy, making pictures annoying to take and my general mood gloomy. I decided to fight the weather and wear my brightest dress and take this angel to the park for popsicles!

We totally wanted to match so we sifted through our closet and chose fun sun dresses (minus the sun) and white wedges! I snagged Charlee’s wedges from Target just because I knew she’d love the fact that they matched mine! Plus, after spilling melted popsicle on them – I’m not too heartbroken because they were such a great price!


I on the other hand love love love my white wedges (also seen here, here, and here) so I was definitley eating my dripping red popsicle leaning over in the grass!



I swear I took like 2 bites out of my ‘Rocket Pop’ (yes – i buy off brand everything!) and I looked over and this chica was almost halfway done! Damn kids can just inhale sugar like it’s oxygen!


Went with minimal makeup today – just some primer, bb cream, and mascara, but before I went out to take photos I threw on this YSL Lipstick to add a little classic glam!



Oh my gosh this girl is my angel. Just look at those blue eyes!





All in all – a casual day turned in to a fun photoshoot with mah litte ladies! Here are the items Charlee and I wore today!

Me:Target Dress (Maxi Version, Midi Version) | Tory Burch via Nordstrom Rack | Jewlery via H&M
Charlee: Dress via Forever 21 Kids, Similar Wedges

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