Rainy Day

I typically love rainy days. They are the perfect excuse to stay in comfy clothes, stay in and read a book, and cuddle up with some warm tea 🙂 Unfortunately for me I live in Texas so rainy days this season consist of intense humidity for a sticky unbearable heat 😦

To combat these days I try and stay in the comfiest clothes as possible, while still being able to keep cool outside. The challenge always is layering right, because even though it’s hot outside the humidity and moisture stick to your skin/clothes so when you go in to an air conditioned place – it’s freezing! My only hope is my lucky denim jacket 🙂


I still remember the day I bought this jacket. I was in the 8th grade, about to start high school and absolutely lost on how to dress. I didn’t want to buy anything too risky in fear of not being cool, but I knew I’d need a jacket to keep me warm in cold classrooms. I remember going in to my favorite store (Abercrombie & Fitch of course) and seeing the men and women’s denim jackets right next to each other in the front. They were so cool!! I dropped a whole $80 of my own money for this versatile, styleish, and timeless piece. Little did I know that at the time I hated the look of denim-on-denim, and considering the fact that I wore jeans every day I rarely wore it.

But I’m glad I never got rid of it, because a few 😉 short years later jean jackets were back – and all the rage. To this day I wear it all the time – it’s the best $80 I ever spent to say the least.



As I’m sure you guys have seen before I am obsessed with Tea 2 Go. I usually grab some green tea from their tea bar, but on the hot/also cold day I wan’t and iced tea that would thick like a latte – and their (soy) chai latte was my answer! I usually don’t get this drink at Starbucks because they make it so sweet X( but Tea 2 Go’s is perfect.







Denim Jacket : Similar A&F | Rag & Bone | Oversized
Tee: Free from SXSW
Shorts: Different Color | Similar | Under $20
Shoes: Nike Premium Air Max | Similar

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