How to Pack for NYC

Unexpected trips are always a chore, I never feel like I have the amount of time I really want to schedule, plan, and pack. Especially for a place like NYC! So when Chris and I got tickets to the Cloud Expo in Manhattan – I was scrambling to get ready. This post outline how I packed for a four day trip in the big apple!

Since this was a last minute trip I didn’t have a big “go out and buy everything you need before you leave” trip, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Instead of buying new sneakers and such in Dallas, I got to buy them in New York! That why I got a chance to observe real new yorkers fashion and pick something I may not have normally picked out after being inspired by the city!

So here’s the list: 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and two dresses/rompers, and any accessories, undergarments, work-out gear, or pajamas!

By using my list and inspiration images, these are the items from my closet I ended up packing. My suitcase included an asymmetrical black cotton skirt, black culottes, and denim cut offs. I chose and black/white/and red striped tank to go with each bottom, as well as a neutral graphic tee and black 3/4 length peplum top. This covered my basis pretty much for the two full days, but just in case we went on formal-ish dinners, I also packed a chambray dress and comfy romper!

This was my outfit for travel day 1. I was leaving for the airport around 1 in the afternoon, and arriving in the city around 6 so I wanted something cute enough for dinner in the city, but also comfortable enough for a day on a plane. I chose this outfit because the silky pants are so cool, but also comfy. Unfortunatley I actually ended up wearing my black culottes because they were easier to slide on and off for quick airport bathroom breaks.

This was originally going to be my spare outfit, but I ended up wearing it for shopping on 5th ave and Madison ave. It was surprisingly really hot and humid that day so I was thankful for the denim cutoffs. But really I wanted to make sure I was wearing something that would go with a great pair of Nikes, because I was planning on buying some that day! I do wish I wore a tank top instead because unlike Texas, NY doesn’t blast the AC on hot days.

I was thinking for my third or maybe my travel day I would wear this amazingly breezy harem pant romper from Free People. Something this bohemian would be perfect for walking around the city and stopping in quirky cafes. But of course I wanted to hit the town in my new shoes, so I weared the striped tank and skirt on the third day.

My last outfit was the perfect mix of casual and dressy! Because of the denim/chambray texture it’s perfect for day wear, but since it’s a dress I can throw on nice shoes and head out to dinner!

After coming back from my trip and writing this post, I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 most important items to stay cool, comfortable, and stylish for a summer trip to The Big Apple:

1. Sneakers

Athletic shoes are actually really trendy right now – as long as you grab the right sneak! My suggestion to avoid looking touristy in sneakers is to either go ultra-modern or old school! Anything neutral by Nike is an easy yes, and any modern New Balance’s are preppy cool! Just pick up whatever matches your style and your feet will thank you for it! I thought wearing sandals all week would do, but after 1 day I already had blisters!


1. New Balance | 2. Steve Madden| 3. Nike Air Max | 4. Nike Roshe

2. Culottes

Culottes are the modern version of what I remember as goucho pants! (ew!). Typically they are a mid to high rise with wide legs that hit anywhere between the knee and ankle. They are effortlessly cool, and comfortable enough for walking and plan flights (I’m wearing a black pair now while I write this on the plane!)


1. Classic Black | 2. Casual Chambray | 3. Chic Pinstripe | 4. Modern White

3. Crossbody Bag

When in large cities unfortunately theft is always a concern. Despite being able to carry a lot, I would avoid tote bags because they are too easy to pick-pocket. But if you still really need lots of carrying space, a nice leather backpack could solve your problem, but they too can be easy to steal. I have found that the perfect solution (for me anyways) is a zipper closed crossbody bag! This is especially great if you have one that can double as a satchel or clutch for evening use!


1. Marc Jacobs Nylon | 2. Michael Kors | 3. Marc by marc jacobs | 4. Kate Spade

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