Weekend Halter

This past weekend we had a little bit of fun and visited my old stomping grounds – Southlake Town Center. When I was in high school this used to be the place to hangout on the weekends. It has the best movie theatre that all my friends worked at, a big fountain that we all hung out around, and a Five Guys. When I got older I moved and stopped going. We decided to reminisce a bit and head back to hang out! We ate dinner at Mi Cocina – a favorite – and even had gelato at the fountain while watching this generation crazy teenagers run around. It was a blast in my opinion, and I’m glad we got to take some pictures there!



This wooden block was so cool, and part of the outside of Anthropologie – so fitting! That is one of my favorite stores so of course they have the best decor! (that rhymed too!)





This picture cracked me up! It looks like I was just minding my own business while paparazzi showed up XD how **kswizzle* of me 😉


*Click the name for the link*

Top: Pac Sun | Pac Sun | Pac Sun
Skirt: Maxi Version | Similar
Shoes: J Crew
Tote: Urban Outfitters | Similar

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